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Manual Osteopathy in Binbrook

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathy is a primary care manual therapy health profession that focuses primarily on overall body health and well being by detecting and treating imbalances and weaknesses of the musculoskeletal framework. Since imbalances in the human structure can contribute to or are directly related to the development of disease, Osteopathic treatment is focused on how the muscles, bones, joints, connective tissue, nerves, blood flow, and internal organs function as a holistic unit with the aim of relieving pain, spasm and inflammation, improving postural balance and flexibility, and enhancing the healing capacity of the body by promoting optimal blood flow, healthy nervous system tone, and lymphatic drainage.

This holistic approach of manual therapy focuses on "wellness" and not "illness" that was pioneered 150 years ago by the founder of Osteopathy, Dr.A.T.Still and is of growing importance today with the presence of a multitude of environmental and lifestyle factors which are impeding health.

Who are Osteopathic Manual Practitioners?

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners are primary care health professionals focused on the assessment and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal and joint disorder, using hands-on Osteopathic Manual Therapy techniques such as, osteoarticular mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue therapy, lymphatic, cranial and visceral techniques.

Who can have Treatments?

Osteopathic treatments are safe for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly and everyone in between. Chronic pain conditions can be helped profoundly with Osteopathic Care alleviating the need for excessive medication use and concurrent treatments, since Osteopathy addresses the root cause of the dysfunction.

Located in Binbrook serving Binbrook and surrounding areas.

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Located in Binbrook serving Binbrook and surrounding areas.

CALL US AT (289) 683-0983

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